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Axi Muniain in Raz SurfCamp

What a wonderful time we had!

Axi Muniain came to Raz SurfCamp with a lot of energy to give us great moments that we will remember for a long time. Since his arrival to the Camp with his truck, which left us all with our mouth open, we did not stop for a second doing amazing things.

The day began with the XXL Sup, how cool! So funny to catch waves with that board and with your friends in it, it was double the fun. After dinner we had the good fortune to know a little more of the life of Axi, how he got to be where he is, what motivates and inspires him, how is his day to day and more, all accompanied by cool videos that reflected his lifestyle. The visit to the O’neill truck left us all hallucinating, he had so many things there! Such as Pukas boards with LEDs to surf at night. Finally we could enjoy a clear night in which we skated with the Carvers and signed posters that brought Axi.

An excellent day, thanks Axi for the good times. We hope to see you soon in Raz SurfCamp!


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