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The Camper’s Corner: Tim Wijngaarden

We are back with Camper’s Corner! Surely many of you know Tim, our particular John John Florence, he was with us during the whole month of August and now wants to share with us a little more about his experience in the Camp.


  1. How did you know Raz SurfCamp?

By a friend, Sam Silva, though you may know him as the Cola Cao kid! He already had several years going to the Camp during summer and he always talked about how cool it was and how well it went, so finally I decided to try and go!


  1. Did you surf before coming to the Camp?

Yes, I’ve been surfing for three years. I live in a town of Valencia called Javea, and although it is the Mediterranean sea, there is usually good waves to surf.

  1. What does surfing mean to you?

For me, surfing is the best thing in the world, plus I enjoy it a lot and I get to know more girls when I say I’m a surfer, lol.

  1. You were with us the whole month of August, how would you describe your experience in Raz SurfCamp?

It was a unique experience, very enjoyable and unforgettable! True, I spent the whole month of August, but each Camp was very different, with new people every week and special actions in each Camp due to the 25 years of Raz. I especially remember the day with Axi Muniain, it was awesome to live a whole day with him, to get to know him, trying the Sup XXL, skating the carvers…


  1. Four Camps with us, have you met many people in the Camp?

I have met many people in the Camp, many interesting people. Changed people in every Camp but always found new friends quickly. I think it’s something that has only happened to me in Raz.

  1. Are you still in contact with someone from Raz?

Yes of course! I’m still in contact with many people form different Camps. I even keep in touch with some of the monitors, which also played an important role in my experience in Raz.

  1. Would you like to take the opportunity to send a greeting to someone?

I send greetings to all those who came to the Camp during the month of August, but especially greetings to Ana, Carlos, Fabián and Fina.


  1. Will you come back to Raz SurfCamp?

Yeeeees! It left me with a great desire to repeat and do not hesitate that I will come back.


Thank you very much Tim, we also hope to have you back next summer!