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Merry Christmas RazCampers!

Merry Christmas RazCampers!

If Christmas is a date that transmits certain illusion… Imagine this one!

For us, 2015 has been an special year, this season we celebrated our 25th anniversary working hard for the youth and adults to discover and improve their surfing. So this year we want to thank each and every one of you for your support and all the good vibes with which you come every year.

It’s time to enjoy the holidays… and do not worry if you have not won the lottery! We, over the years, have learned that there is no better prize than surfing with friends in December, celebrating Christmas from the peak, and thinking about all that the Kings will bring to us! A GoPro?, a skate? a new board, perhaps? Whatever it is, we are sure that you will enjoy it the most and we hope that you can bring it in your next visit, to enjoy it in Raz SurfCamp.

Finally we would like to take a minute to think about others, of those thousands of people living in poverty and those who leave home in search of a better future, as the Syrians and Libyans. This Christmas you can give solidarity by working with associations such as Oxfam Intermon. We have not hesitated.

This year has been incredible with you… but we are confident that 2016 will be even better! See you in our 26th season in Razo, until then, we will remember all the great moments we spent together…



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