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On your wave: Juanjo Fernández

We spoke with Juanjo, who after winning the 2015 Redbull Rivals, tells us about his experience and what he plans for this coming year.

How did you deal with canaries at home with La Santa wave pumping at his full strength?

Well, we were pretty motivated for the championship, surfing the left of La Santa with only one in the water is a joy.

They had more knowledge about the wave since three of them surf there almost daily.

Do you think in the 2nd test held on the peninsula you had clear advantage for being sand waves background?

As in the Canary Islands, we also left with a slight advantage at home. Brusco is a wave in which you have to overcome a lot, varying peaks and cold water, unlike all canary who are accustomed to points where the wave breaks in the same place with channels to trace and hot water.

Official Video of the Redbull Rivals 2015 in el Brusco


Ariane Ochoa and you were elected by the Internet as two of the team thanks to the thousand-odd votes that you had, how many followers do you have on the network?

The truth is that I have no many fans on the social networks. I got a lot of votes and from here I thank all those who once voted for me to compete in what has been an awesome championship.



Let’s talk about the summer now that it’s gone:

How was your experience? Since you were from the beginning to the last day and what major differences did you find in RAZ SURFCAMP from when you were a camper to now as a monitor?

Raz for me has been a unique experience, as a kid we spent many summers there, I made very good memories and friends, both campers and instructors.

Everything was about having fun and surfing, I remember going to the supermarket and buy tons of chocolate for the room haha. As instructor work has to be a little more serious but with the great team we had this year there were always a good laugh with campers and staff.

Any stories that you remember as a camper?

Many, each Camp was a story and each one was different. What I liked is that I met a lot of people and I always had a great time.

Any that you highlight from this summer as an instructor?

I put you in situation:

Friday night, Saturday day off, and so far I can read…


What future goals do you have in terms of competition and how far do you want to go?

Training for the championship of Spain and try to do some WQS in Europe.

Will you come back next summer to RAZ SURFCAMP?

YES, this summer you’ll have me there.


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