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New year, new life!

New year, new life! Or so they say, but the truth is that we are happy with what we have and, judging by your strength and good vibes, surely you too. So to change for the better, keeping what we already have, today we bring ideas from big purchases this year. Because there is no need to stop surfing, but you can make it easier and better:

Surfboards with electric motor. Easy to paddle, who has not dreamed of that? With these boards even take off seem a cinch. What a nice board, huh?


Trace. The latest about techies surfers. A small gadget that attaches to the table and monitors all your maneuvers. Then, thanks to the mobile APP you can not only review it, but compare with other campers, we know we have foundered over who will be the new Slater!


Drone. We already have one and we are crazy about it. Aerial images that can be achieved with these gadgets are brutal and… okay, those are not very useful for videocorrection but how cool they are?

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-15 a las 12.07.01

Glassy Zone. The new bracelet of Glassy Pro cracks is awesome. Out of the water we can monitore exercise, sleeping, calories, etc. Once inside, and this is the most interesting part, we are able to have record of the waves we have surfed, the speed achieved, spot, time on the water, paddling time… This bracelet it’s a jewel.


And if the junk is not your thing…
A new board, because maybe you need the minimum to get the most out of your surfing. Do not forget that in Raz SurfCamp we have seen you in the water a thousand times… so we can help you with anything!
And in all self-respecting wish list, of course, book your Camp for the 26th Raz SurfCamp season. The technology is fine but, laughter, good cheer, the best waves and the wild and spectacular setting you have it here, in Razo!
See you at the peak 😀