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Extra, extra! Small great things to add to our day

We don’t know if you have already realized (though certainly yes because our Razfamily is composed of very smart people) but today it’s a very special day: February 29th. This leap year has given us another day and, what matters if it is Monday? You have to make the most of it.

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This little extra can give so much play, so we thought of making a list of small easy things that will report very great things:

Walk. Get off one stop earlier, or park a little further, but five minutes walk before getting to class or to the job will completely change the perspective of the day. What if you do get sea background sounds?

The sea. Even if it’s only once a week! Surely you can spare ten minutes to enjoy the waves and the breeze (and to surf imaginary barrels, of course!).


Pamper your neoprene. Spend a couple of minutes to it, rinse it with more calm and place it on the hanger with the depth it deserves. Think each movement being aware of what you are doing, like a ritual!

Breathe. If you have been attentive in classes you already know that breathing is fundamental in surfing… so, why not spend a few minutes a day to work on it? You will relax training breathing while you thoroughly amend.

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Friendship. We are sure you are very well at this point. Keep in touch with your close friends, although sometimes it seems impossible, it is easy. Surely more than in one occasion you rejoice the day…

Give you an experience. You know, once a year does not hurt! What better annual extra than a short week in paradise… We promise good surfing, food and better company at the Easter Camp, it is just around the corner!

Do not even doubt it for a second… in 2016 we have 366 days to enjoy the surfing!