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Things to love on Valentine’s day (and the rest of the year)

Although we are not so into Valentine’s day, we must recognize that it is very easy feel it on the environment. Some may hate it a lot, but we must not be so intolerant, right?

From Raz SurfCamp we decided to invest that energy into something far more productive because if anything highlights our will is to be great campers lovers: skate, surf, sea, waves, crazy about your friends… We are so passionate about many things, so here you have everything we love, and certainly you do too:


The good vibes. And friendship, people with good vibes smiling at least 14 hours a day. All our campers do! They start laughing from day one to the end of each camp, some even repeat!

The sunsets. One of our true passions… If you have been to Razo, you will understand why our favorites are those seen from our terrace. Guitar background and “chill” atmosphere is what we like for those stunning sunsets.


Surfing. We could not miss that, right? Because we flove surfing, long and skateboarding… So we try that all campers who are part of our family know well these three sports.
Although for us one is king, any guesses… what? Nothing like little waves to enjoy the most…

The Adventures. Any surfer can not be considered adventurous. Our campers are, and we are even more! Enjoying new experiences, with no fear, out of our comfort zone… our daily bread.

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Clean beaches. Respect for everything around us is something we try to expand with everyone that comes into our house. Especially along the beach and the sea, our environment and most precious tool. In Camps we try to make you understand that this is your house and you need to be as clean as it was your own room.

Our family. Also blood! Our love is crazy for all of our staff and each and every one of the campers that make us in each Camp remember why we do this.


So… long live love! Yes, because you guys rock.

Good waves!