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Why celebrate carnival in Galicia is a great idea?

Almost from Raz SurfCamp‘s birth, back in 1991, we celebrate with all our campers San Juan, the longest night of the year, a magical night in Galicia, it has a great tradition.

Many of you always choose the Camp which coincides with that date to sit around the campfire and enjoy the laughts (which are guaranteed, of course). The entire staff of Raz SurfCamp love San Juan, but it is still winter! Why not think about what is coming right now?


Although Raz season has not even started, you know that your home in Razo is always ready to surfing, so February can be a very interesting holiday season.

Why not spend the Carnival in a different way? And O entroido is the best carnival because…

We have filloa. There’s nothing like eating to recuperate out of the water, and what better than these desserts to provide us the energy lost in the water. Do you not know what they are? You will love it! Attention: never, ever confuse filloa with crêpe…

The costumes. Visit, for example, Xinzo of Limia, Ourense, it is a show like no other. The party is declared of national tourist interest, but hey! Do not even think about going without a costume… you may be forced to pay a round at the bar!


Non stop. In Galicia “O Entroido” is so important that in more than 175 municipalities is a holiday on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In some places, the celebrations are stretched to five days… Are you ready to enjoy?

Weather. Our chilly weather extends the range of possibilities for all costumes… Would you be an animal, Eskimo or other semi cumbersome costume in a climate that is not ours? Of course not!

Waves. That, actually, is what interests us. The surf season in Razo, with more or less luck, is annual, that you know. Making a winter getaway is the key to enjoy a different Razo than the Razo you know in summer. So, why do not we go out for a day to Ourense, and end the getaway with good surfing sessions in Razo?


Raise your hand if you have a better plan!