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Reasons for surfing (or surfing benefits)

Still no plans for the Easter holidays?

We, as you can imagine, have it very clear year after year: Expect a new family reunion and surf like crazy.

At this point, after 25 years teaching surfing to hundreds of waves lovers, we practice the sport as a necessity. But the truth is that surfing has thousands of health benefits, a lot of people and even the doctors say:

As for the physical benefits there is no doubt that surf develops our muscles in both arms and back as well as trunk, buttocks and legs. And what do you say about balance? Surfing is one of the most appropriate exercises to develop this.

As you can imagine, it also improves your lung capacity and endurance. In addition to toning, surfing also will help to improve coordination, critical! And closely related to this are the psychological benefits of the sport … which are so many!

For us the most interesting is to improve our ability to concentrate (which is very important in children): while our body works, our head is going a mile a minute.

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For the older ones, moreover, it is extremely important the antistress effect… problems dissolve in water! We have proved that, a week in the water and you will be someone else…

And those who have already been in Raz SurfCamp you shall know that… It’s a great sport for social relationships with people who share the same interests. In our camp friendships are created every year and with very strong links!

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If you don’t know it by first hand, you can not miss it… Easter is for surfing!