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Five Galician Legends

You just left and we are already looking forward to meet again! There is nothing like spending the Easter with the family… We want to continue sharing everything with you because what surfing has united we can not separate, so today five Galician legends that will make you pique the curiosity to death and so, who knows? maybe next time you come you will be able to corroborate by yourselves:

The Holy Company, A must! It is a procession of souls that runs through the parishes, in theory, to visit someone who is about to die… How scary! If you put your knee by making the Stand-Up it may also appear in the room…

_MG_1866 como objeto inteligente-1

Diaño or diantre, a small satirical elf of our mythology presented with different appearances but always pretending to need help to stop crossing walkers… Think it twice before making the journey to “O Codo”!

The shadow of the pilgrim, this mysterious shadow is every night on the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela projected, there are many theories, you can believe whichever you want, but we like to think that the pilgrim is still waiting for Fabi to pick him up every night to come to Raz SurfCamp… but that area is pedestrian!

sombra peregrino

La Concha de Vieira, they say that, at a wedding, before the astonished eyes of the disciples of Santiago who were traveling in a boat, the groom plunged with his horse into the water to catch up and was unhurt, but completely covered with scallop shells. Now, no pilgrim wants to go without them and many of you bring them to Razo!

Meigas. Of course! It is said to be worshipers of the devil and are capable of any evil spell. For the Galician people represent evil and sinful, but often they are looking to cure any harm… Come on, they are valid for everything! Among our staff we have some 🙂

As always, the legends are like a broken phone and each one tells them in their own way, but the important thing is that legends last, right?