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Essentials for summer as a RazCamper

We are almost in summer! A new season in Raz SurfCamp, leisure, sun, beach… Everything we like for three months of endless possibilities for you, and for us! This year we start with the batteries fully charged and raring to see you, as always. We want you to enjoy an incomparable summer but… what are the surfer’s essentials for the summer season?

Waves. Of course! Surfing through a tube until bored (bored us someday? :)). We have all the time in the world to enter, climb, wait, surf and so again and again. Nothing better than that plan …


Surfers. For all those that surfing make lose the trial (never the north) we need to surround ourselves with other surfers as passionate to share our geek moments, championships, new videos, our achievements and our jams … A little “talking” in good company is never too much.


Exercise. It is clear that in the water we do our best… but we also need to get in tune! Those who already have been through Raz know how important physical condition will perform better during sessions and… when the swell summer approaches we assure you that you will be happy to spend a little time each day to physical exercise.


A roadtrip. And if it is in the north… the better! This coast rocks, as you know, and enjoy the wild and pristine beaches with the van parked right nearby is the key to staying up late. Stop occasionally to enjoy the sea, sights and local cuisine… Who said you need to go to California?


Healthy food. To keep pace, to have the energies fully laden and, above all, health, surfers need to follow a healthy diet, it’s the best way to progress! Do not forget that a varied diet is so important.


Music. As they say, without it life would be meaningless. At the end, you will hear a song that, who knows, maybe reminds you of Razo 🙂


And this would be enough! Yes, always with an obligatory stop at Raz SurfCamp, because we have everything everything everything a surfer needs and besides all that we have said, we add good vibes, good classes to improve or learn and experience the best moments.

Do you need a dose of Raz? See you family!