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Linda Bensom: The wisdom of a pioneer

What’s up RazCampers!! In recent years we have been watching as more and are more girls come to the Camp! The truth is that it is a trend that we love… but women have been interested in surfing since its inception!



 Surfer Magazine has posted a great article about the great Linda Benson and we wanted to translate the main ideas of the text because this lady’s comments are awesome. The words that we liked most are “to be accepted by the guys in the 50s was not that great, the surfing was very new for everyone”. We want and encourage all our camps in the absence of gender distinctions, we are all cracks!

Her advice can be summarized in:

Improving your sufing makes you feel good. She says, she would cured timidity and a lack of self-esteem.

Time is money and we should not look to the past to lament that we could have done. You have to give everything and squeeze every day, that is why we love seeing you super active in the camps!



 The importance of having a mentor. According to Linda, is an essential factor in life and in surfing… what do you think of us? 🙂

 A great responsibility. One of the points we consider most important… According to the US, anyone who has direct contact with the sea is responsible for their care… and this also applies to the beaches!

Kelly Slater is right: Surfing is a big mafia! once you enter will cost much faith to leave… And that is a reality… Most of you visit us every summer!



 You can learn from everything Raz Campers! When you are low morale or you lack inspiration, you can always use figures like Linda to fill you with enthusiasm and well… do not forget that you can come visit Razo whenever you want!

 See you on the water!