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RAZSURFQUOTES: Best quotes about surf

Camps this summer have been the bomb, more motivated than ever! And we know you ara all cracks who do not lack inspiration but just in case, we share with you the most beautiful famous quotes about surfing 🙂

“We are all equal before a wave” – ​​Laird Hamilton

“I think when you become a surfer, is a must also to be green” – The great Kelly Slater

“Surfing to get dark” – Shane Dorian

“You can not stop the waves, but you can learn to surf them” – John Kabat Zinn

“It is tragic to die doing something you love” – ​​Mark Foo

“Live to surf, surf to live” – ​​Gotcha

“My passion for surfing it’s greater than my fear of sharks” – Bethany Hamilton

“The waves are not measured in meters, measured in levels of fear” – Buzzy Trent

“If you try to change my surf, it’s the worst thing you can do. Each surfs his way. “- Andy Irons

“Surfing is dancing with the waves” – Gerry Lopez

“I’m nothing out of the water” – Duke Kahanamoku

“Surfing is for life” – Bruce Jenkins

We are sure that you leave every Camp with a word or phrase that you say thousand times during the week … We’d love to know them all! Do not cut to add other phrases that you like, or your own 🙂

We need to go because the swell awaits us … Until next time!