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How to make your surfing improve constantly

Good waves, RazCampistas!

It is clear that this summer you achieved a great advance in your surfing, whether you start from scratch or if you already have a good level, especially those who come to see us! But the key to surfing is never giving up, even when Raz SurfCamp gets you a fuck away 🙂

Today we will share with you some of the keys to never stop improving:

Surfer community. Of course! Sharing your time with other surfers does not just spring, but it will teach you a lot because everyone lives surfing in a different way. Discover maneuvers, places, shapes, marks, boards… Surrounding by surfers is always a very good option.


Be taugh. Tt does not matter if you do not have any waves nearby! You know, training out of the water to strengthen your body, stretching, longboard … The sea and the cold are no excuse, sorry!

Surfing in your mind. Waves, asphalt and, very important, the videos. Youtube and Vimeo have to be your best friends because of the surfing videos of the network, look at all the details. Is super useful to see your own faults and correct them at the moment avoiding manias and faults that later are difficult to correct. Look carefully!


Updated. As if you were a mobile APP, it is important to keep up with surfing news. And adapt the neoprene to the station! If you do not do it in winter nobody will want to get in the water, how cold!

Stay high. I dream that you will be like Kelly Slater, that you make impossible maneuvers… the world is made for dreamers! Never lose hope, put all the meat on the grill because, who knows? Maybe that pushes you further.


Balance. Work your physical balance, but also the mental. Do not be frustrated when things do not go away, try without rest! And above all remember that surfing is your passion: enjoy every bath, every wave and every maneuver… regardless of whether it works out or not.

See you this summer campers 🙂