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You are not a surfer if…

Surfer is made, not born, but once we are 100% involved in this passion it becomes difficult to get out of it, above all, do not make this sport a complete lifestyle. All the campers who do visit Raz SurfCamp always come back with this bug and most of them went back to chasing the whole world. Therefore, understand that you can not say that you are surfers if you have not felt or lived these situations:


Discuss with a friend, family or even a couple: because they do not get them to understand that they prefer to spend the hours in the car looking for waves, although in the end you do not find anything, that going to the cinema, to a family meal, to take something… First things first!

Leave home when others party. You had never suspected the extraordinary ability to get up early until the predictions required it. If you have to sacrifice a night of partying and get up when some are still partying…

Surf with the mind and fly with the pros videos. How healthy is it? We have all done it and dreamed of us as a result… and this is our ambition, our goals of improvement…

Find sand in unsuspected places. Yes … sand in the car, in the bathroom, in the room … even in bed! And no, you can not call yourself surfer if you will not see a smile or at least a great memory of your last bath.

Have done or plan to make a surftrip. Because your vacations are meant to take advantage of them… We all have in mind paradise like getting up and surfing, eating and surfing, resting and enjoying the beach and its atmosphere… and hunt waves in place of Pokémon!


Each and every one of you are authentic surfers of heart, spirit and motivation… you are the best, come on! The best surfers and mini surfers in the world.