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2016 has been awesome!

Another year that is over… and together we are still growing!

The story of Raz SurfCamp is being written little by little and we are almost almost at our 27 edition, how old! As always, at this point of the year you have put everything in balance and ours can not be more positive… thanks to you, of course.

Each year we spend more and more, we see new faces but also familiar faces that we find again… It seemed impossible, but every year you are more cracks.

Razo unites us and the surf keeps us together and, to the full! This special bond that we create will always be the best of every year, and your surfer cards, of course! 😛

The best thing to finish is to come back to see you and today we want to share with you some of the best photos of 2016.










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Happy new year, RazCampers. May this new cycle bring you many waves, on fire!