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A camp in Raz SurfCamp: graphic description I

Everyone lives Raz SurfCamp in their own way, of this there is no doubt. But the truth is that all of you have many feelings in common and, above all, you come to the top and with the batteries loaded to enjoy a week of intense surfing. So let’s put some humor to your stay and beyond the tremendous photos that you all take during the camp, here you can see the whole process of your first contact with Razo and his private paradise.

Sit on the sofa in your home and dream how beautiful your holiday will be this year…

Get to the airport and find yourself really motivated. You’re excited but you try to hide it and look normal (nobody’s normal :))

Discovering the impressive roads that lead to Razo, you feel like in another era, like in another world, like…


And when you finally get to the camp, and you see the facilities and the beach, you have it clear, you have not made a mistake by choosing this!


Because you look out onto the terrace, from which we love to watch the sunset and…


Fabian opens the camp with his opening speech, and everything fascinates you, and you’re dying to start putting all your power into this. You feel part of a big family.


And then the march, the excitement, the adrenaline… We stop for another day, because we can not summarize an entire camp in a single post! Any suggestions for the ending? 🙂