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Love to surf in Razo

It’s Valentine’s Day, Raz Campers.

The truth is that in Raz SurfCamp we prefer to enjoy the day to day love and surfing! But it has seemed a good opportunity to highlight that, without a doubt, surfing is our date, companion and perfect lover for Valentine.

Our love for surfing takes 27 years giving us moments, joys, great people… It has us on fire from day one, and do not believe that the flame has gone out! Each year that passes our relationship is more and more consolidated, and so it remains!


The texture of the sand on our feet when we go down to the beach; The sound of the waves, which fills our stomach with illusion before entering the water; The contact of the sea with our skin; The sensation of catching the first waves; The confidence of knowing that everything will go better, that each maneuver will allow you to enjoy more and more of the experience… This is the most beautiful feeling of love in the world.

You still do not know what we’re talking about? This is just a bit:

And, of course, we also want to do something special with you, our great family, but we will have to wait until Easter! 🙂

Love and many waves for everyone!