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Get out of your comfort zone, surf!

Do you have everything prepared for Easter RazCampers? We do, all controlled and waiting with more desire than ever. If you have booked and have your place, but it is the first time you go surfing, or if you have not reserved a place and you want to get started… We want to tell you that surfing is about to leave your comfort zone and enter the magic zone where everything can happen.


It may be first step of fear, everything new scares! But to work that fear until putting it on your side, and to stand up in the board. Surfing is a complicated sport… but super addictive. Nothing that we can not do with a good instructor and the desire of having the best time!


Constantly you will achieve the things you want by watching on the screen! In Raz SurfCamp is one of the most important classes so you can recognize your own faults and improve a lot! That little insecurity that is the main fear preventing you to discover what can become your passion. Take a walk and discover how it feels to ride a wave!

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We are waiting for you!