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Razo: surfer’s paradise

We have known it all our lives! If Galicia is a jewel for any surfer, Razo is a diamond like a big cathedral. We have been here since 1991 and the change is noticeable! Every year more people come in wanting to discover this treasure. And they all repeat!

It seems that paradise was this… The fact is that our beach has received, for the third consecutive year, the certifications that guarantee its environmental quality, ISO 14.001 and the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). But this year is even more special, because the certificates have arrived the same week in which the beach of Razo was considered one of the ten best Spanish beaches to surf. Did we have any questions?

So we would like to thank you for choosing this paradise on earth to continue learning, and also to start surfing, everyone who passes by here are cracks! Our family has grown so much these 27 years and it seems almost incredible… Now we look back and it seems that little by little we have made a hollow. We have managed to put Razo on the map (at least for surfers) and, meanwhile, we have continued to take care of our beach as the first day because, at the end, we owe Razo everything… and to respect it is part of this!

Have you already decided the dates in which you will come to paradise this year?