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5 tips to enjoy Raz SurfCamp to the fullest

What ‘s up RazCampers! This Easter Week was amazing, as you know. If you are not yet in the mood… do not forget to follow us on Instagram to see all our stories! The truth is that all those who were encouraged to come to our start of the season enjoyed it very much, and so did we!


If you have never come, and you think that maybe this is not for you… here you have some tips to live the experience to the fullest.

Flow. Enjoying the moment is indispensable. Understand that we are there to have fun and that the days of disconnection in Razo go too fast… you better take full advantage of them!


Expand the good vibes. All our campers are cracks, and the atmosphere that is formed is brutal. Why? Because they all come with good vibrations and ready to spread that good vibes to others. 🙂

Forget about the rest. The week you spend in Razo, your family will be Raz SurfCamp. It is worth disconnecting completely! You will make many friends at once and, surely, you will agree to coincide next year!


Bring the desire. Do not forget them at home! Coming with desire to enjoy is a must, both the environment and the people, as well as surfing! Whether you have practiced it before or not…

Prepare yourself, because what awaits you is a unique experience that you can not even imagine. We have been surprising for 27 years with our environment, our facilities, the incredible surroundings… are you still hanging around? 🙂

We have to go, the waves are waiting for us!