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Raz SurfCamp is a big family

What’s up Razcampers! Looking forward to summer and a little bit of Galicia? 🙂 Those who have already come to enjoy the experience know well that we are a family. It is a sensation, We do not know what is it in the environment that invades everything; Many laughs, many classes, many hours that make, after a week, we can never forget the experience. And that’s why you always come back to see us!

Who has not been here will not be able to understand it at all … But then you go to your houses, just as happy (or more) than when you crossed our door… and you say things as beautiful as “thanks to Alejandro for everything and thanks to the staff that made me live the best week of my life” (tobiass17).

But there is more, in our Google page, with the reviews that you leave we are stoned and fill us with pride and make us feel more family than ever as…

This is what I said when I got home after a week: “Next year I repeat for sure!!!” – Nuria Moma

Everyone united by this sport, passion, even a way of life that the staff of Raz will make you feel part of during your stay, and it is because the desire to teach and the experience (first surf camp in Spain since 1991). – Manuel Cereijido

What to tel about RSC.. that there is a good atmosphere? That all the monitors are great? They are in a privileged place on planet earth? That on that beach you always catch a good day of waves? That it is a camp to take a giant step in your surfing? That you always take from there friends and great memories? – Nacho Borobio

It is like the camp dreamed by any child, Which also makes adults dream. – Davide Sepúlveda

Raz Surf Camp is surfing, it is continuous learning, 24 hours a day, it is successes and failures, waves caught and lost, and falls, lots of falls, and above all constant smiles and soaked… – Irene Gamella

That’s what the family has… If you still do not know each other, google our Google profile to enjoy reading thousands of experiences; If you are already part of the family, share your experience so that others can discover the best surf camp in the world 🙂