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13 reasons why you have to come to Raz SurfCamp

Have you seen it, RazSurfCampers? Lately, everyone is talking about the 13 Reasons Why Tv show; and we have thought of thirteen reasons much better and certainly more positive for you guys: 13 reasons why you have to come to Razo to enjoy Raz SurfCamp:

1. Our instructors know it! They are the first to fully recommend the camp because … more than 70% of our staff have been campers! Surfers since they were born, the camp good vibes have hooked them… so they can enjoy it more than ever!
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2. Be fast or be last. We had to hang up the sold-out sign for July camps and August camps are on the way… Be quick, or they’ll escape! Our incredible facilities and the small number of students per camps (maximum 72) make it very easy to create the family feeling and, from the first day, you feel like in your own home.

3. You are what you eat. That’s why our meal menu is another of the most important parts here 🙂 You’re gonna eat awesomely! To suck your fingers and repeat (literally :P) Our catering gives you a smile only for that, they should take a culinary award. We have all kind of menus: vegans, celiacs, ovals, carnivores, BBQ… And Fina’s sense of humor, what else? <3

4. Good vibes for everybody. In Raz, you’ll never find anyone with bad vibes or who tries to annoy your holidays. We take good care of the good atmosphere and we schedule activities for every moment by ensuring that everyone participates with respect and, above all, with a great sense of humor!

5. Stand out! Music is our passion and we want it to be very present in the camp. In addition to our Spotify list [link to Spoti] with powerful songs that you’ll hear in the classes, what is cooler are the live concerts that we organize every week. We are the most active of the place, even more than local festivals!

6. We are the best team. Because once you’ve landed in Raz we’re 100% with you. From waking up to bedtime we’ll have different activities ready for you and a lot of surfing. No pubs or alcohol, 100% surf, rock’n’roll and fun!

7. EPIC sunset. After having spent all morning surfing, having played beach volleyball and recharging energy at dinner, it comes the moment when the sun hides behind the horizon resulting in one of those sunsets that take away hiccups. Your Instagram stories will thank you!

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8. Crest of the wave. Our waves are… Just wow!! It’s not just the camp is on the beach … no, it is that the waves we have are incredible either for beginners as to improve your surfing. And what does it feel to see them out the window once you wake up? Amazing…

9. Influencers. Because if a camp could be an influencer that would be Raz SurfCamp. We have been improving and innovating since 1991, and that’s why everyone wants to imitate us and that flatters us but… booking with us is booking with the best! : D

10. Breathe fresh air. Our location is awesome and, either if you come from the city or not, you’ll be surprised. It continues to amaze us every day! Because being in contact with nature is the best you can do to forget books and jobs … Raz SurfCamp and Chill! : P

11. RazSurf campers know it! If you have any doubt, you can check all our opinions in our Google site [link to opinions], we’re sure you’d like ‘em! If there is anything better that share it with all of you, it is reading all your experiences and confirm that this is huge!

12. Our t-shirts already say it! Raz clothing is cool! And RAZ ONES is a bestseller! Originally its name came from English “Raz ones” (the ones from Raz) all of you refer to it like razones t-shirt. Do you need any other for coming to Raz?

13. Feel it! The only reason that you may need is that everything we tell you from here is gonna be short. We promise you! Come here and life your own experience is the only thing that matters to understand it! We promise you’ll want to come back, even as an instructor!

Now that you have it very clear, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today: https://www.razsurfcamp.com/en/season/