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Great moments in the history of surfing

How is going Raz SurfCampers? Are you back at school, university or work? Come on! 🙂 We will always be next summer at Raz SurfCamp 🙂

As good fans of surf and waves, today we want to review some of the moments that made history of surfing. In addition to those who live in each season of Raz, of course. Those are the best waves and moments in history: P



Michael Peterson’s cutback in 1970. Why? His maneuver in the movie “Morning of the Earth” became an image that marked an era. It had raised a new type of surfing: more radical, faster. The maneuver far exceeded the passage of time as it is a perfect combination of times, power and personal style.


The Martin Potter’s aerial. Although it is not clear who exactly was the person who invented the aerial, and that many experimented with him before Potter, it was he who managed to make it land with a certain style. Can you imagine a new trick today? : P

Martin Potter Aerial

When talking about important things in surfing, it is inevitable that Kelly Slater comes to light! When he scored his legendary rodeo clown with a progression board, he was even impressed … In an interview did by Surfline, the champion claimed that he had never seen that movement and believed that he had invented it in that same wave … during a Pipeline Masters!


What is your favorite moment in surfing history? What do you think will be the next trick? 🙂