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5 reasons why you shouldn’t surf in Galicia

It is awful! You’d never come 😛
RazSurfcampers, you know it. From the first time you visit Razo and, above all, Raz SurfCamp, you can’t get it out of your mind…

Let’s go over some of the disadvantages Galicia has to surf!

Waves, who is interested? In Galicia we have waves throughout the year. What a pain, right? No matter what season you go, you can never visit this community without encountering a very large swell. It is impossible to escape from it. Of course, if you’re a surfer this seems like a nightmare from the harsh ones. (Waves, waves and waves!) That’s how we wake up every day)


Beaches. What a lonely place! The spots are not as overcrowded as in other parts of Spain and, guys … surely you will get bored at the peak without being able to have someone to talk with, or give up waves for fear that some local think you’re going to jump and such… All surfers prefer full beaks to overflowing! That is why it is better that you don’t come to Razo … or you will never want to go to another.

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Food. That’s a detail that doesn’t interest anyone either. Ugh, what bad is eating in Galicia. The truth is that we are famous worldwide. People even bring food from home in the suitcase! Tell your parents that you will go hungry…

PHOTO: hola.com

As you see, we have in Galicia too much variety! There are so many beaches that you can visit, so many spots that you can try, so many different waves to practice … Who could be interested? What would I want to do? Maybe could be an incredible surf trip along the coast? Are we crazy or what?
Anyway, nobody wants to enjoy the wildest and most virgin nature of our country … so we do not recommend anything at all to come and see us. 😉