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What’s up, Raz SurfCampers! Are you going through a lot of exams these days or not yet? Surely many of you are surfing some good imaginary waves from the library.

The ones you have tried surfing, we’re sure you have no doubt but, what about the rest? Are we clear why surfing is much better than any other sport you can practice? Let’s go to see it!

Maximum happiness. When we go into the water, we leave the sorrows out! That’s why at Raz SurfCamp we always have the best mood of the world: surfing makes it easy for us. It is a sport that helps us to release many endorphins, the hormone of happiness! So, if one day you’re not in a good mood, it’s really hard, a little session and that’s it!


Patience, that’s what you have to have. Sitting down and waiting for that swell can be a pain in the beginning, but you’ll love it soon! Patience to wait for a wave, so that the next one comes, to see the unfavorable forecasts for days (In Razo this does not happen!) 🙂 In short, that the surfer, if he wants to surf, must be patient.
Nature in its purest form, No sport allows you this direct connection with nature. A surfer can’t live without a nearby beach, that’s impossible! In addition, the natural spectacles that lead us to witness are awesome! And we know it very well!


The traveler’s fly will sting you, and just for surfing. You will start very hesitant about whether to do it or not … but soon you will plan trips only based on spots 😉 And blessed spots! Knowing new beaches and new waves is one of the greatest pleasures that a surfer can experience. Have you already been bitten?
The best therapy, It is very obvious that surfing is medicinal, both physically and mentally: a large number of stimuli, a changing environment, contact with nature … All of this and more makes it a rising therapy. In addition, it is a great tool for social inclusion.


Do you need any other reason to get hooked now?