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Christmas @ Raz SurfCamp

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is almost here, do you feel it?

We totally do! It’s time full of illusions and, of course, great plans that every good surfer can enjoy … So do not forget:

Meet with your mates. Those who haven’t seen you for a long time, or who you don’t see quite often, friends’ reunions are always cool! It’s time to catch up and talk about the waves that you have surfed this year and, what is better, the ones you plan to catch next year …


Ask for a 100% surfing gift. There are gifts for all tastes and prices and this is a good time to improve your equipment: wetsuits, an intelligent watch, a design cover for your surfboard, or even a new surfboard!

Surfing. Why not! Free time, for us, is equal to surfing time. Any time is good. You can catch waves in your house or go for a small surf trip to enjoy surfing in winter, which is top!


Family time. You don’t have to spend all the time with the family you choose, you should also spend it with whom you are born! Talk for everything and nothing and, if you want, talk a little about surfing, will they be encouraged to try the most addictive sport in the world?

The road trip. A holiday trip is mandatory, and you can choose the place you prefer! Or that the budget allows you 🙂 But, let’s see, there is THE TRIP. That will make you rediscover your family, the good vibes, the sunsets and the unforgettable memories … Yes, yes. You already know what we are talking about…

See you around!