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Festival time? Surfing time!

Summer seaon is around the corner and with it festivals lurk. Everyone talks about them! In Madrid, in Galicia, in Barcelona, in the Basque Country … Music festivals hoard everything and really seem like the coolest thing you can do this summer but … surfing is cool too! And it is at the same height, or more! As long as you choose to enjoy it at Raz SurfCamp, of course! 😉


Because in music festivals you meet a lot of people, but in Raz you meet people who become great friends and, immediately, you become part of the same family that is understood and get on perfectly. A razsurcamper is a razsurfcamper!



When you go to a festival, you dance all day and night and burn what is not written … but coming to Raz is the healthiest plan you can do this summer! We have activities all day so you always have something to enjoy, and a lot of sport! Surf lessons are a super complete exercise that will keep you in shape.




Okay, yes, at the festivals the live music is amazing, and they have TOP bands, but that’s something that you will not miss in the camp either, because we have a lot of live shows! Do they have surfing? 😉 Music almost always makes our nights more pleasant. It’s cool for you to sing, dance and play instruments like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂




The posers that are in the festivals is huge! Most of the time people are more aware of their phones than enjoying the moment … how terrible! In Raz we enjoy every moment to the fullest and you do not have to worry for the pictures: we will make you awesome photos that you can share on Instagram to show off just right;)



If your summer plans go through a music festival, at Raz SurfCamp we have the perfect mix between a surf camp and a festival. The “Endless Summer Camp”, our last camp in September is accompanied by a festival to end up the summer season in addition to all the activities we normally do. Two for one, the best option to spend a week in the paradise enjoying surfing, nature and music.



Are you in? 😉