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Surf experiences you can apply at work or studying

Now it will be your turn to come back to the routine. Work, school or university, which is also good! Although not as much as surfing in Raz Surf Camp, of course … Even so, all of you who have come and have learned or improved your surfing, you go home having learned certain lessons that are not only important when it comes to understanding the surfing, they will also help you daily!


For example, perseverance and effort are essential to achieve great goals and, if you do not give up, you can achieve everything you set out to do. No exam or project can resist a Raz SurfCamper who has managed to catch his first wave, and improve his technique! In Razo you have checked the results of your effort in the water so there is no doubt that the goal may be far away, but never inaccessible for you!


And what about the mistakes? Work tools! You have learned it in video correction classes and now it’s time to apply it into your routines. Making mistakes is not bad and every mistake is useful: you only have to analyze them and discover how to overcome them and always with good vibes! It will not only increase your creativity, but they will give you the strength to be able to do whatever you put in front of you.


Besides, remember that you are not alone: the best thing about surf lessons is that our instructors guide you and teach you the keys to surfing; At work and in class, remember that you can ask for help to your bosses or teachers who will be happy to lend a hand with any questions or problems that arise. Surely they are happy to perceive your interest and commitment!


Finally, remember that helping others and being a team is essential to feel comfortable despite the fact that we carry out individual tasks or individual sports, such as surfing. In Razo you already have a great family and, in your day-to-day, your colleagues can be your great support to give the best of yourselves.


Ready to put all this into practice? Let’s go! See you soon!