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Some lessons we have learned from the younger ones

Oisssh Raz SurfCampers! How we miss you all, especially the smallest ones! We love to have such young people in the camp and, of course, we are delighted when parents come with your children to learn to surf in such a privileged environment as Razo is. Not only for all the fun-filled moments we have, but also for how much we learn from all of you!

In terms of surfing, we have learned a lot from the younger surfers, like, for example, that fear is our worst enemy in the water: their disposition and lack of fears make all their energy concentrate on replicating the movements … and that’s why they end up doing it before the old ones! They throw themselves crazy for their goals and get them. Can we ask for more?

But it is not just that carelessness that makes them unique: their desire to enjoy and squeeze every moment makes each camp of yours almost worth two! All day from top to bottom, full of good vibes and wasting energy on all four sides! You already know that motivation plays a fundamental role in surfing, and with these kids it is guaranteed!

And these good vibes lead to something equally important that, sometimes, the older ones forget when we try to improve in surfing: persistence. The rejection of frustration and, more than that, the ignorance that it even exists. Failing just means trying again, it’s never a failure! And that is the key to improve: really enjoy what we are doing and not put any expectations.

And very related to this previous, another virtue that we must learn from the younger (although the staff of Raz SurfCamp and most of the campers of this also we are left over) is the lack of shame. With shamelessness you get everywhere! We should not be ashamed to fall, to make a fool of ourselves, to make a shabby stand-up, to ask if we have not understood … Because we are a family and, when we meet, we do it to be at ease, to enjoy and, above all, to learn.

And learning in confidence and good vibes is what best defines us. Do we apply all this together?