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2020 is being tough, huh? Do you remember when you were dancing on sunset, surrounded by new friends, watching the crystal blue water of Razo beach? No? If you already see the perfect summer long past, as if it were a distant dream, here we are to refresh your memory.

For you, Raz SurfCamp is probably the best week of the summer.

For us, it is having fun while we work on what we like the most, SURFING and that you experience it in the best possible way. It was the most complicated summer of our life, that’s sure, but we achieved it.

If in these times that we live, uncertainty tries to depress you, remember that we will still be here waiting for you! Do not stop watching the video and photos of your week over and over again, that when you realize it, everything will be ready for repeating it.

It’s a simple but very effective thing for us at Raz SurfCamp right now as, like everyone else around the world, we try to stay positive. Thinking about good times may seem trivial in the face of a pandemic, but positive emotions and an optimistic mindset are two of the key tools in dealing with a crisis.

We successfully survived the 2020 summer season, with no trace of covid-19 and we are already working on the next 2021 season, which will undoubtedly improve, the advances in vaccines are already there and we will have much more experience against the bug… meanwhile, take good care of yourself!

Here you have an interview about the program Conexión Surfing recorded to our boss Alejandro during the summer and which they just broadcast last week.

It will carry you back to your favorite place on the planet, RAZ SURFCAMP.

raz surfcamp

We are already waiting for you!