10 best spots to surf in Galicia in 2022

All surf lovers have one thing in common: we are always looking for new places to catch the best waves. It’s not for nothing that Galicia has the reputation it has. And the fact is that, as well as being the friendly people who offer you a fried egg in case you’re hungry and take you to the nearest verbena for you to live the Galician full experience, we have true paradises on earth where you can surf. We may not have the biggest waves or the warmest waters, but what we do have are dream spots where surfing becomes an unforgettable experience.

We tell you everything you need to know about surfing in Galicia!

How many beaches are there in Galicia?

One, two, three… 861! Yes, yes, you read that right. There are more than 800 beaches in Galicia, each one with its own particularities. From the Corrubedo Dunes to the Baldaio Marshes, passing through the iconic Playa de las Catedrales and ending at the Playa de los Cristales. Cris-ta-les. A beach that, instead of sand, has crystals. Worth a visit, to say the least.

Some are easily accessible, such as those found in cities like Vigo or A Coruña; others, on the other hand, are in remote and hidden places, a gift for those who manage to get there.

However, not all beaches are suitable for surfing. And, so that you don’t get lost among the hundreds of beaches in Galicia, we’ve listed the 10 most popular beaches among surfers. We hope you like them!

Galician Beaches
Razo Beach in Carballo (Galicia)

The 10 best surfing spots in Galicia

Surfing in Galicia is easy… if you know where to go! These are the 10 most popular destinations for surfers.

1. Surfing at Razo beach (Carballo)

Oh yeah, Razo! It is without a doubt our favourite beach. And it’s not just because our surf school has been located there for more than 30 years and we receive here hundreds of campers every year. It’s simply the best beach, full stop. It had to be said and it was said.

Why is it the best beach for surfing? Because it is more than 5 kilometres of open sea, wild, with several peaks that leave surfers wanting more. It is ideal for those who are real experts, but also for those who are just starting out. It has it all. It leaves no one indifferent.

Moreover, it is a Blue Flag beach thanks to the purity of its waters and the environmental quality of its surroundings. And as if that were not enough, it is a protected area that forms part of the Razo-Baldaio Natural Area, where you can find cliffs, marshes, dunes, sandbanks and ponds.

If you still have any doubts about how exceptional this place is for surfing, we invite you to come and see for yourself! In Razo, you can find any surfer who is competing in world circuits, as events such as the Junior World Championships have been held here in 2012 and it is one of the best known destinations. You can come across Axi Muniain at any time, as he loves this area and the big slabs of the Costa da Morte, Gony Zubizarreta, an outstanding student of our school, great surfers of the moment like Natxo González, big wave surfers like Eric Rebiere, based in A Coruña, and in fact, anyone at any time.

Sunset in Razo Beach
Sunset in Razo Beach

2. Surfing at A Frouxeira Beach (Ferrol РValdovi̱o)

A Frouxeira is, without a doubt, another of those charming places that are well worth a stop to explore what it has to offer surfers. With more than 3.5 kilometres of sand, this beach offers its visitors waves with very variable peaks that can be very powerful. On this beach you will find the “Percebelleira“, a rock where a right-handed wave peak breaks that leaves no one indifferent.

Moreover, as with Razo beach, the location could not be better: the Valdoviño lagoon, just a few kilometres from the beach, is an idyllic place to relax after an intense afternoon catching waves.

And if that wasn’t enough, A Frouxeira beach was present at the 2021 ISA World Surfing Games in Surf City El Salvador, where Nadia Erostarbe and Andy Criere, members of the Spanish surfing team that entered the championships, poured sand from this beach at the Sands of the World ceremony.

A Frouxeira Beach (Ferrol - Valdoviño)
A Frouxeira Beach (Ferrol РValdovi̱o)

3. Surfing at Pantín beach (Ferrol – Valdoviño)

Another place of incomparable beauty in the north of the province of A Coruña. With impressive waves, this landmark spot in the Rías Altas has been hosting the Pantín Classic Galicia Pro for more than 30 years, an event of international renown that attracts many famous surfers every year as the summer season draws to a close

Pantín beach is not even a kilometre long, but almost. That doesn’t stop surfers from all over the world from flocking to this beach in search of adrenaline. However, due to its size, it is common for the beach to be divided into an area for bathers and another for surfers, which, although they coexist in peace and harmony, means that the surfing area is reduced. Something that, ahem, does not happen at Razo Beach 🙂

Pantín Beach (Ferrol - Valdoviño)
Pantín Beach (Ferrol – Valdoviño)

4. Surfing at Patos beach (Nigrán)

Patos beach breaks the best wave of the Vigo estuary. However, it’s not suitable for everyone: the wave breaks over a rocky bottom that can catch unprepared surfers off guard. Despite this, it has become a reference wave and has a strong surfing tradition in the south of the community, which is why it’s usually quite crowded.

However, this beach will offer you something that none of the others can: views of the impressive Cíes Islands, a natural paradise that you should definitely visit.

Patos Beach (Nigrán)
Patos Beach (Nigrán)

5. Surfing at A Lanzada beach (Sanxenxo – O Grove)

A Lanzada, another of Galicia’s great sandy beaches. Halfway between Sanxenxo and O Grove, this beach of more than 2 kilometres, with impeccable sand and crystal-clear waters, forms part of the Umia – O Grove Natural Space, where impressive dunes protect the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Again, the views are unbeatable: the Illas Ons will greet you from the horizon as you surf a wave that breaks gently on almost any tide, right or left, and with numerous peaks all along the beach. This beach tends to be quite crowded, so it may not be the best option for beginners.

A Lanzada Beach (Sanxenxo - O Grove)
A Lanzada Beach (Sanxenxo – O Grove)

6. Surfing at Doniños Beach (Ferrol)

Doniños beach is almost 2 kilometres long and is considered one of the best sand breaks you will find in the region. Its numerous peaks, especially in the northern part of the beach, make it an ideal place for surfing in all types of waves: long, hollow, tubular, short…

Because it is an offshore spot with a north-easterly wind, there are many good days for surfing throughout the year. However, sometimes there can be strong currents that can be dangerous, but, in general, it accepts surfers of all levels.

Doniños Beach (Ferrol)
Doniños Beach (Ferrol)

7. Surfing in Sabón (Arteixo)

Near Razo is the Sabón beach. It is considerably shorter, with about 800 metres in length and open sea. It is one of the best surfing beaches you will find in the Rías Altas and the level of surfing is suitable for everyone. Spring and summer are the best times to go surfing on this beach as the swell is moderate and the wind conditions are optimal.

However, the quality of the water and the environment is not as good as that of other nearby beaches, as it is very close to the Arteixo industrial estate and a few kilometres from the outer harbour of A Coruña.

Sabón Beach (Arteixo)
Sabón Beach (Arteixo)

8. Surfing at Lariño Beach (Carnota)

Lariño Beach is located in the municipality of Carnota. It is characterised by being a beach of medium-high difficulty, so it is not among the best options for beginners. It has quite a lot of sea, and the sand combined with the pebbles can be dangerous. However, when there is a northerly wind, it is possible to find waves of up to two metres, perfect for those who are looking for strong emotions.

Also, if you are visiting the area, you can take the opportunity to visit the legendary Hórreo de Carnota, which is 34 metres long and 22 pairs of feet – almost nothing!

Lariño Beach (Carnota)
Lariño Beach (Carnota)

9. Surfing in O Rostro Beach (Fisterra)

The beach of O Rostro is almost 2 kilometres long and the natural landscape that surrounds it is unbeatable. You can surf on this beach practically all year round, although in winter the sea is usually quite rough. However, it is rare that you can’t find decent waves on this beach, although their quality depends a lot on the state of the sandy bottoms.

Access to this beach is not easy, but it is worth it, as there are many tubes and variable peaks. You can also finish the day by visiting the end of the world at the Fisterra lighthouse.

O Rostro Beach (Fisterra)
O Rostro Beach (Fisterra)

10. Surfing in Montalvo Beach (Sanxenxo)

Again in the Rías Baixas, we find Montalvo Beach. It has almost half a kilometre of sand and is certainly not recommended for beginners, as it takes a lot of skill to stand up, tube and escape. This beach has several peaks, although its consistency is marked by the point of the tide and the position of the sandy bottoms. The waves on this beach can vary between half a metre and 3 metres.

Montalvo Beach (Sanxenxo)
Montalvo Beach (Sanxenxo)

So, where to surf in Galicia?

Let’s see, this question is difficult to answer. Very difficult. We are undecided. We don’t know what to answer. We don’t know what to advise you. We don’t know what to say… Razo! The best surfing spot in Galicia is Razo!

We know that every beach has its pros and cons, we know that there are amazing beaches in other parts of Galicia. We don’t say no, we say yes and we celebrate it. We also go surfing to other beaches in the community, and all of them are stunning.

But what are we going to tell you? We didn’t choose to open our SurfCamp in Razo by chance. We haven’t been here for more than 3 decades by chance. We are here and we are still here because we love this beach, we like each and every one of its peaks and we enjoy each and every one of the days we spend here to the maximum.

We know that not everyone has the same tastes, that’s for sure. But we encourage you to come and see for yourself. At our SurfCamp we have lessons for children and adults and we promise you an unforgettable experience. We were the first SurfCamp in Europe, and we’re still here after so many years, which is a good thing, isn’t it? 😉