Galician habits that the rest of the world needs to implement

They aren’t the Black Friday or the Cyber Monday… we’re a bit fried with so much advertising! But still, we hope you’ve taken the opportunity to renew your wetsuit, surfboard, fins… you name it! If it’s for surfing, it’s allowed.

Well, today we are here to talk about Galician habits that we need to export NOW to the rest of the world, such as, for example, that neither the rain nor the cold can stop us from going out surfing. Nothing stops surfing lovers… but even less a true Galician! The weather is never bad enough: winter is for surfing!

And after surfing, it doesn’t stop there. One of the best Galician habits is that food is a fundamental part of life. There is nothing that a good meal can’t fix, “quedar coma un pepe” is fundamental for the Galicians. Besides, we have a certain knack for taking it with us wherever we go. We go to the beach? We take the cooler with us. What about parties in the mountains? We take the table with the pot. That we study abroad? We take the tupperware with raw materials from home?

And, of course, the food is always accompanied by friends and/or family, and a large dose of humour, or retranca, whatever we want to call it 😉 You know that this is a must, and it’s what makes us invincible! That bad will be what can make you become a great surfer, even when it cost you more than anyone else your first stand up. Because if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that with perseverance and patience, anything is possible!

Besides, you can recognise a true Galician because he/she will never leave home, or the camp, without a jacket or sweatshirt, “in case it gets cold”. And in Razo it’s never too much! At night it always gets cooler and, after a day of classes and activities, wrapping up in a Raz sweatshirt is the most comforting thing there is!

Anyway, we’re running out of time because there are so many peculiarities in our culture that would be great to export… but you can come to Razo and enjoy them all! 😉