What do you know about the Atlantic Ocean?

Happy World Oceans Day, are you celebrating it as Raz commands? 😉 We hope that you’re hitting some waves out there… and we hope you’ll be able to come to Razo in the blink of an eye!

Today we come to tell you some curiosities that you probably don’t know about the Atlantic Ocean which is, as you can imagine, our favourite! Because thanks to its existence, Raz SurfCamp exists and we can enjoy one of the most beautiful, natural and magical places in the world. And we are not the only ones to say it, you are so hooked that every summer you repeat the camp! But didn’t you know that…

The Titanic sank in its waters and, like that ship, many others were lost in its depths! Especially in the famous and mysterious area known as the Bermuda Triangle… but let’s stop the drama! Let’s get to know our ocean a little better:

Of all the oceans on Earth, it is the youngest – it was the last to form! And it is also the second largest ocean: the first is the Pacific, of course. In fact, the Atlantic occupies approximately 20% of the Earth’s surface and 28% of the ocean’s surface, and its average depth is almost 4,000 metres. In Puerto Rico it reaches its maximum depth: almost 8,700 metres. What kind of animals live there?

Beneath the Atlantic lies a waterfall that, in volume of water, is comparable to about two thousand of the largest waterfalls in the world. There is also the Mid-Oceanic Ridge: the longest mountain range in the world. It is submerged in the Atlantic Ocean and stretches for more than 15,000 kilometres. Can you believe it?

In addition, the Atlantic Ocean bathes the coasts of more than 52 different nations, but what can we say! None of them is as beautiful as the Galician one.

Do you want to enjoy it very, very soon?