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We know we are privileged in this regard.
We can say our location is unbeatable.

We are at Razo Beach, a sandy stretch of 7 kilometers of longitude with road access only at both ends, barely a fistful of homes, a protected dune system, a bird reserve and a lagoon that exits to the sea. All this makes the Razo-baldaio space an idyllic place.

It holds the Blue Flag of the European Union. It has lifeguard service all summer round and facilities such as showers, public toilets, bear, restaurants, and soccer and basketball courts. During the summer surf contests at the national and Galician level are held here, as are beach volleyball contests, summer movie theatre sessions with open air projections and even a music festival.

The northwest of the Iberian Peninsula is the first place to be hit by the swells generated by Atlantic lows. This makes Razo Beach an ideal place to catch waves all year round. You will find a great variety of breakers so that you will be able to find the one that best fits your surfing ability.

But without any doubt one of the most attractive things about Razo Beach is its peace and quietness. It is a place where you will always be able to find your quiet spot along its 7 kilometers of fine white sand. An almost pristine beach, an Atlantic paradise at your reach where we can assure you will spot dolphins playing with the waves.

Check it for yourself.

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