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Surf lessons

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Summer Season

Only Classes: If you’re looking to get surfing lessons during the summer program you can enjoy every day of classes in our surf school in different times throughout the day.

Each day of class includes: 2 hours of class daily in the morning and in the afternoon (ask us to make the schedule). It includes accident insurance and RC, the material (board and neoprene 3/2mm  or 4/3mm). If you want to continue renting the material in the afternoon we’ll do you the best price. In the summer season, it is best to suit the programming but if it does not suit your availability contact us with your proposal and we will seek to make it possible. Outside summer season, we also offer classes, just ask us!

Camp day: You also have the possibility to spend the whole day with us enjoying classes, food, activities in the afternoon and free surf supervised sessions for €45/day.Adjusted for the dates of each Camp in hours from 12.00h to 8:00 p.m. daily. From 12 years old.

  • 1 lessons day
  • Surf lessons

  • 40 €
  • *from second day 35 €
  • Reservas campamento de surf
  • 5 Days lessons Pack
  • Surf lessons

  • 145 €

  • Reservas campamento de surf
  • + 5 Days Lessons
  • Surf lessons

  • 145€ + 25€/día

  • Reservas campamento de surf
  • 45€/day
  • Reservas campamento de surf

Autumn – Winter – Spring Season

Every Saturday of the year and with a minimum of 3 people per group, as long as the weather allows it, and if you find anyone with whom to share your experience, please contact us in time and we will endeavor to implement it.

  • Surf Lessons

  • 35 €
  • * 30 € a Partir del segundo día
  • * mínimo 3 personas
  • Reservas campamento de surf
  • Surf lessons

  • 60€
  • * a realizar en dos mes
  • * mínimo de 3 personas
  • Reservas campamento de surf