Raz Surf Camp

Alejandro Vázquez
Eva Facal
Fabián Rubio
María Facal
Fonso Valcárcel
Diego Rodríguez
Juanjo Fernández
Ana Ecija
Mirko Manduca
Carlos Lorenzo
Pol Alberch
Juan Granados
Andrea Reborido
Paula Rodríguez
Biel Miralles
Joan Bassa
Valeria Climent
Izquierda / Left Derecha / Right
Equipo Raz Surf Camp

When you choose Raz Surf Camp you’re doing a safe bet. We know that being the first ones to launch a Surf Camp in Spain gives us great advantage.

Always attentive to improve our own methodology, combined with a full Staff thar improves every year, we have managed to form a select group of very good surfers in which integrate Technical Business and Tourist Activities, Technical Physics, high level competitors, shapers, etc., so they can share their knowledge with you. Part of our Staff were our learners and over time have become part of our team.

We are the first Surf Camp in Spain, we have been teaching for 30 years, always with the same methodology, sharing it with all our learners. Time changes but we will remain the same and we will continue to demonstrate why Raz Surf Camp is a reference in Europe.

Staff Raz Surf Camp

  • Multimedia
  • Fonso Valcárcel

    Fonso Valcárcel

    Marketing Dept., Audiovisual and Leisure Time Instructor

  • Diego Rodríguez

    Diego Rodríguez

    Marketing Dept., Audiovisual and Leisure Time Instructor