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Alberto Fernández

Sevilla '93

Sports Science student belonging to the most prolific saga of surfers from southern Spain, Alberto is the confirmation that with effort and dedication you can go far.

He spent three years as a camper in Raz SurfCamp and we were not mistaken when we commented that his surfing was very good, especially their ways with the longboard. Years later, Alberto is an elite athlete, longboard champion in Spain on 3 consecutive years from 2012-14 and a finalist at the last two European… and counting!

Since 2015 he returns home to convey his joy and knowledge to campers in Raz SurfCamp.

He has traveled all over Europe competing as freesurfer, but you can find him whenever winter waves come in his natural habitat, Doñana, the coast of Cadiz and the Portuguese Algarve.

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