Raz Surf Camp

Alejandro Vázquez
Eva Facal
Fabián Rubio
María Facal
Fonso Valcárcel
Diego Rodríguez
Juanjo Fernández
Alberto Fernández
Ana Ecija
Mirko Manduca
Carlos Lorenzo
Pol Alberch
Juan Granados
Paula Rodríguez
Valeria Climent
Andrea Reborido
Joan Bassa
Biel Miralles
Izquierda / Left Derecha / Right

Alejandro Vázquez

Ferrol '71

Started to Surf in 1988.

The visionary, when in 1991 nobody would even think about the viability of a Surf Camp in our coast, Alejandro saw it clear and bet for it.

Enjoys life in the camp and lives the Raz SurfCamp project with the energy to take it where it is today. 2nd Master In Spain in 2006. If he can escape from the office you’ll see him in the water, on the ping pong table, playing guitar and enjoying Razo, if you can’t find him is because he’s traveling. Indonesia, Costa Rica, Panama, Brasil, Maroc, France, California, Canary Islands, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Cape Vert and many trips to the coast of Cádiz.



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