Raz Surf Camp

Alejandro Vázquez
Eva Facal
Fabián Rubio
María Facal
Fonso Valcárcel
Diego Rodríguez
Pablo Maciñeira
Xiao Pujol
Carlos Villarín
Juanjo Fernández
Alberto Fernández
Biel Miralles
Fina Otero
Andrea Reborido
Antón Blanco
María Barca
Joan Bassa
Mateo Ibarra
Izquierda / Left Derecha / Right

Diego Rodríguez

Santa Mónica '89

Degree in Law and ADE student now, so he can take the wedding photos or compose the divorce!

Bodyboarding and hockey player. He has a passion for music and shares a punkrock band with Fonso (in the Staff too), and dumps all his knowledge of photography and video under the name Drown Your Sorrows.

Good vibes everywhere, Diego and all the leisure time Staff will implement many activities to always have a fun choice to do after surfing.

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