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Fabián Rubio

A Coruña '72

Surfing since 1989.

Fabián is in the Staff since 91 as an instructor and since 97 as Technical Director.

Former galician Team member when young. Always thinking about the way to teach surfing the best way, trying to make the experience the most enjoyable possible . Takes good care in which people to include in our team, only choosing the best.

Besides his work in the Camp, he travels on winters for extended periods of time to teach surfing in such places as South California (several winters), Hawaii (one winter in Oahu’s North Shore), Tahiti, The Canary Islands or El Salvador.

He also surfed in France, Portugal, Indonesia, Panama, Maroc, Cape Vert, Ireland and Costa Rica. If he is not traveling or in the Camp you could find him for sure enjoying the winter sun at his beloved Fuerteventura.


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