Raz Surf Camp

Alejandro Vázquez
Eva Facal
Fabián Rubio
María Facal
Fonso Valcárcel
Diego Rodríguez
Xiao Pujol
Carlos Villarín
Juanjo Fernández
Alberto Fernández
Biel Miralles
Fina Otero
Antón Blanco
María Barca
Joan Bassa
Mateo Ibarra
Izquierda / Left Derecha / Right

Fina Otero

A Laracha

In Raz SurfCamp we are going to get sure you are not missing your mum while you are here…

How? Fina would take care of it. Galician style, she would make sure you are all well feed and feeling like home. She has been part of the staff for a while now and we can’t even imagine a better person for the job.

Unique in his kind, Fina would leave her mark and be sure it will be one of the things you´ll miss when you are away from the Camp.

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