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Because we are PIONEERS:

In 1991 the idea of launching a Surf Camp in Galicia when there was none in Spain was extremely hard and the beginnings were rough. Against all odds we have already gone through all the stages and now we already have thousands of people that have shared one of the best experiences of their lives with us.

Because we are PROFESSIONALS:

We have made teaching our way of life, we are passionate about our job and we strive to do it in the best possible way. We have raised our bar at every step. We have never stopped growing and now we are a reference in Europe. Our trajectory has brought us the support of all kinds of institutions like the A Coruña Tourism Board and the Carballo City Council.

We are registered with the R.E.A.T (Galician government registry of tourism oriented activities). We have all the required permits to practice our trade. In RAZ SURF CAMP we are an Official Surf School accredited by both the Galician Surf Federation (F.G.S) and the Spanish Surf Federation (F.E.S). All our teachers are certified instructors and have been selected for their human quality and dedication to teaching. In RAZ SURF CAMP we make sure we only select the very best to be part of our team.


In the last few years surfing has attracted a growing variety of practitioners. This has caused an exponential growth in the offerings for surfing instruction, making choosing a Surf Camp harder and harder. For many people this is a new business. This has caused the sprouting of many «schools» that lack any ethics or care in teaching… Don’t let yourself be fooled.

We have been developing our own method for decades, a method that works and that will help you to learn or improve your surfing while having fun. In RAZ SURF CAMP we strive to ensure that during your stay you feel at home from the very first day. Big resting areas, complementary activities, great food, cleanliness, and a very good atmosphere are our keystones.

Due to our RESULTS:

We have trained Galician regional champions and also Basque country, Levante and Andalucian champions. Even a Junior World Champions (Gony Zubizarreta) has relied on us to improve his surfing as a beginner. We make surfing available to the disabled. The National Special Olympics Sky Team has had training stages with us in preparation for the Special Olympics of Vancouver 2010. We have introduced and helped improve successfully thousands of people in this fascinating sport.

Due to our EFFORT:

We are the first Surf Camp in Spain and a reference for in Europe on how to do things and we want to continue to do so. We improve every year. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and we strive to surprise them with changes in order to make the experience of every season unforgettable. Our quality standard is the highest possible. We do not want you to be a good surf school; we want you to be the best.

Due to our PHILOSOPHY:

We do not understand surfing as a fashion trend but as a lifestyle. It is a fascinating experience, accessible to people of almost any age and physical condition (if you can walk and swim, you can Surf). It can provide unforgettable experiences. An activity that, if learned in the correct way from the beginning, will make you enjoy the ocean from the first day, find unbelievable places, enjoy nature in its purest form and meet people with the same concerns; it is a sport for a lifetime which deserves a proper initiation with all guarantees.