A selection of bands that has little or nothing to do with the rest of the festivals that flood the Galician geography, and I am not referring to the more mainstream festivals but also to the “megalternational” ones. A selection of bands of all kinds of styles, both veteran and emerging, and that made clear their professionalism and good work with honesty and away from a posturing that surely takes its toll when it comes to being hired by more “multitudinous” promoters and managements. Bands and organisation that make it easier to carry out adventures like the ENDLESS SUMMER PARTY.

An event that doesn’t have the backing of hundreds of community managers from specialised media, or music influencers who dismiss what they don’t get paid for or what is not “fashionable”… here word of mouth and the good vibes created at the festival work, in fact, being a small festival, with many limitations, this edition has doubled the attendance compared to last year, despite coinciding with heavyweights of Galician festivaleo as the Xiriapop carballés or the WOS compostelano.

An edition where not only music was the protagonist: photography by Carlos Durán, live artistic intervention with a mural by Javier de La Rosa (Milicia Gráfica), environmental awareness workshops by Colectivo Retoque Retro… all with the soundtrack of Ambigüo, Harakiri Beach, Pan, Maryland, Fábrica de espejos, Sandford Music Factory, Superfuzz, Dj Schulz and that closing with an indescribable playback-airguitar by The Fakes (present in all three editions).

And, of course, all this in the most attractive surroundings: the Raz Surf Camp venue on the beach of Razo, about 25 km from A Coruña. An ideal beach for surfing and an area that is hardly exploited for tourism, comfortable and far from annoying overcrowding.

And what better plan for mid-September (ending the summer) than music, surf, beach and party, at affordable prices, good vibes, “children friendly”, a skate ramp as a stage and with a weather that accompanied and rounded off the day perfectly.

So, what did this III ENDLESS SUMMER PARTY 2019 have to offer?

The “party” started early, it was 13:00 when the atmosphere began to build up in the camp. A time that encouraged many parents, because these vermouth sessions are an incentive (and perfect excuse) to come with children who, in this case, enjoyed the workshops and the beach, while their parents took advantage of the visits to the bar…

It was 15:00 when AMBIGÜO broke the ice, inaugurating this “skatescenario” with their alternative pop-rock with which they began to engage the audience.

After them, PAN from Madrid pleasantly surprised us with their powerful rock with Teresa’s powerful voice at the front.

It was the turn of FÁBRICA DE ESPEJOS, who did not disappoint with their mix of electronica and shoegaze.

After them came the sonic storm of the power trio SUPERFUZZ from A Coruña. They turned the audience of all ages upside down, freshness with an eighties rock flavour but 200% removed from the rancidity of the era.

SANDFORD MUSIC FACTORY took us on a trip to the Seattle of the 90s: plaid shirts, military boots, shorts with pockets, guitar power and melodies that appealed to the greats of the genre (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains…).

Another band we have a special affection for are the band from Vigo, MARYLAND. Direct, melodic, professional, with a repertoire in which they unloaded their “Ave Fénix” almost in its entirety.

HARAKIRI BEACH, from Motril, visited Galicia for the second time this 2019 with their shameless and rogue electronic pop that invites to party and dance without filters.

After this avalanche of bands and styles, there was a desire to continue the “party” and the DJ in charge was DJ SCHULZ, who turned upside down (even more) the audience that was already asking for an infinite party… and if not, just ask THE FAKES, regulars at the festival since its first edition and who with their special karaoke-playback-air-guitar karaoke based on 90’s hits made the whole audience who filled the stage participate.

The changes between bands were enlivened by the shameless Guttigatuso & Solofolar Djs.

ENDLESS SUMMER PARTY doesn’t want to be just another macro festival or a selection of almost unpronounceable names reserved for a select club, just a party between friends crazy about music who want to share a passion and devotion almost unhealthy and support thousands of bands “forgotten” in many monopolized and closed circuits in which all that glitters is not gold…

Long live ENDLESS…