Letter from Raz SurfCamp to the Three Wise Men

Dear Three Wise Men,

This year we have not been good… we have been great! We have given our best and we have spread the good vibes to all the surfers who have visited our house. We have also taken care of her, and respected her needs. The usual, right? We have communed with the waves and we have appreciated each of the days and sunsets that Razo offers us?

And we have given our all in the surf lessons! Each one of our instructors is friendly and professional, and enjoys every lesson as if it were the last of his or her life. Although, when you do what you like the most, it’s rather easy… Long live our staff! Anyway, as we have been a very, very good family, we would like you to bring us more waves:

More waves, of course! That swell doesn’t stop brightening up our mornings from the moment we wake up and look out of the window, and that we don’t stop surfing it! Although we also enjoy it during the winter… we are already looking forward to seeing you here at Easter for the first time this season. ūüôā

More Raz SurfCampers. You know that when you come to our camp for the first time, you are part of our big family and you will always be welcome to enjoy all the flow of Razo. We love it when you come back! And we also freak out with the amount of new campers we meet every summer, this family keeps growing and we love it!

More surfing. In general, more waves for everyone, more bathing, more diffusion of our favourite sport and, above all, that the culture that goes with it engages more and more people who want to connect with nature and enjoy the best of people.

More environmental commitment. If the surfer culture were more widespread, the Earth would thank us! We need to start taking care of our planet seriously and, from the Raz SurfCamp classes, we never stop reminding you about it. We just hope that more and more people get involved and together we manage to enjoy what nature offers us in a more conscious way!

And, in general, that everything continues as well. Because the truth is that every year that goes by we are happier to have been giving life to a project that makes so many people happy for more than 28 years.

Here’s to many more years of Raz SurfCamp!