Questions and answers about a surfcamp II: answering your questions

In the final sprint to start the season with the Easter camp, we want to finish solving all those doubts that we left unanswered in the previous post of questions and answers Raz SurfCamp. And, talking about Easter, you asked us what is the best thing about this camp. Very simple: the first waves of the year (and one of the best ones together with September), the season kick-off party in Razo, and the daily yoga classes! Yoga improves your water skills a lot 😉.

You have also asked us a lot about the surf lessons and the swims you can enjoy every day. You won’t be left wanting to get in the water… for sure! Every day you will have surf lessons in the water for two hours, and another six hours of free swimming under the supervision of our staff! In total about four hours in the morning and another four in the afternoon… Cool, isn’t it?

One of the most recurring themes has been if you take some souvenirs of your wipe outs, your best waves or your first stand up… And, of course you do! In addition to the video-correction classes in which we use videos from previous classes to improve your technique, we also take a lot of photos, both in the water and during the other activities, and a video summary of the camp! Watching it on the last day is one of the most exciting moments of each week… You’ll love it!

Although each camp has very different student profiles, we always organise the groups by level, so that we teach from scratch to those who have never surfed before, and we improve the technique of those who already know their stuff! Of course, we provide all the equipment you need, but if anyone wants to bring their own board or wetsuit, that’s fine with us!

Finally, all the surfers from outside Galicia ask us how to get to the camp. Don’t worry about anything: if you come by bus, train or plane to Santiago or A Coruña, we will pick you up and bring you directly to the surfing paradise!

So get ready, places are flying and, the sooner you book, the sooner you will have your best summer experience ever! See you in Razo? 😉