International Sports Day: more about surfing!

Today is International Sports Day… are you planning to celebrate it by catching some waves? We want to celebrate it with you and, since we still can’t go for a swim together in Razo (until the Easter camp, which is not long away), we’ll do it by telling you some curiosities about surfing! We’re sure you already know almost everything about the most addictive sport in the world… but we hope to surprise you!

Surfers spend, on average, only 8% of the swim surfing the waves… and those of you who come to Raz SurfCamp to get started in the sport even less! 😛 And 28% of the time is spent waiting for the right wave! That’s why, although learning to surf is not difficult, it requires perseverance because, of all the time spent in the water, the actual practice time will always be much less.

We can enjoy surfing thanks to 5 physical principles: Gravity, density, buoyancy, the shape of the board and the surfer. O Don’t you think that these concepts reactive to physics would be more fun to learn applied to surfing? You can try your luck and see if your teacher is up for it… In short, gravity is what makes the board stay on the wave… and we don’t fly off! The density of the board and the surface tension are the principles that allow the board to float, and not sink! The mass and shape of the board, together with the forces of hydrodynamics, determine how this water will move… allowing us to surf!

Wave parks have divided the surfing community. More and more projects are looking to create artificial waves in order to make it easier for everyone to access this resource without which we would not be able to surf… but not everyone is convinced! In a survey, almost half of the surfers said that they would not use this type of facility, but the vast majority of surfers think it’s OK to use it for WSL championships. We can’t say much… because we will always prefer Razo!

Dogs surf too. Abbie’s story doesn’t leave you indifferent, and now she has a Guinness record! Abbie was abandoned and when her owner adopted her, he started taking her to the beach with him as a form of therapy and she took to surfing! She’s such a celebrity in the surfing world that she’s now a member of the International Hall of Fame! Don’t miss his IG, it’s amazing!

What do you say, are you coming to discover much more about surfing in the camp? We are waiting for you!