Razo and action!

What’s up, Raz Surcampers! How’s your week going?

Around here we are very busy between waves… And well, we also do many other things… 😛 Precisely today we come to talk to you about a topic that, last week, made us especially excited. It turns out that, at the Mestre Mateo awards (an event where the Galician audiovisual industry is celebrated and awarded) they have awarded the webseries “Dinosaurio” which, don’t you know where it was filmed? 🙂 We give you a clue: from the place with the best sunsets in the world… Yes yes, the webseries born under the protection of the Carballo Interplay festival, has been a hit.

You can see that, when we are not fully involved in the camps, apart from the classes, we find time to support local talent! This award has meant a lot to everyone involved and, in case you didn’t know, next year you could be part of it too! If you love the souvenir videos we make at every surfcamp you might already have a clue… audiovisuals are your thing!

This April, before opening the surf camp season at Raz Surf Camp, we are hosting again Camp Kamikaze, the initiative behind all this. If you are curious, want to create your own audiovisual content or simply want to tell your vision of what this world would be like without the Internet (WHAT THE HELL?) here you have your Razo, always waiting for you and ready to give you the best 😉.

So now you know, whether you come to surf, to record, to write or simply to disconnect, Razo is always the best place to come to! See you soon, right?