Why not talk a little less about football and a little more about surfing?

The World Cup has started, and “the stadium is buzzing with excitement”… Everyone has been waiting for this moment and has been talking about it with great intensity for months now. Football, truth be told, takes up most of the time on the news and in conversations and, from Raz SurfCamp we ask ourselves, why is surfing not more talked about? The reasons are many and varied, but today we do not want to talk about why surfing does not have as much prominence as football, but why it should have it.

Surfing is a much more complete sport than football, and with much more progression! One of the things we like the most (and above all we like to check with the campers who come to enjoy the lessons at Razo) is that in surfing you can always improve, learn something new, learn something different, but the beginning requires effort and, above all, the desire to learn: only those who are truly passionate about surfing will succeed!


Moreover, it is a sport that feeds on nature and puts us more in touch with it. To be able to enjoy the sea in such a way, without needing anything more than a board, still seems impressive to us. On the other hand, this link we create with nature creates a greater awareness of the importance of caring for it. Therefore, by promoting surfing, we are promoting respect for nature.


Not to mention that surfing is much more than a sport: it’s a lifestyle (and you don’t need to be a pro to prove it). A healthy diet, a passion for the environment, the ability to appreciate the intangible, such as the sunsets we often enjoy from the water… Surfing changes your perspective!


Finally, surfing, although it is an individual sport, creates teams and more than that: it creates FAMILIES. The competition is tough but, in general, surfers focus on their strategy and enjoy playing fair in the sport they love. Surfing doesn’t live on fights or exclusives. It’s all about pure passion for the sport.

For all this, and for many other things that would not fit in a single post, the world is talking too little about surfing, and too much about football. Shall we start to change it?