Learnings from surfing that you can apply to your work or studies

How close we are to the end of the surf camp season! And what a shame… Even before the end of the summer, we can say that it has been totally unique and brutal. Every year you guys get better and better! We’ve had so many laughs… and we’re enjoying more and more live music! And the waves and surf lessons in the paradise of Razo, as always, of course!

And, nothing, now it’s back to the routine. To work and classes, which is also good! Although not as good as surfing at Raz Surf Camp, of course… Even so, all of you who have come and have learned or improved your surfing, will go home having learned certain lessons that are not only important when it comes to understanding surfing, but that will also help you in your classes and work!


For example, perseverance and effort are essential to achieve great goals, and if you don’t give up, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. No test or project can resist a Raz SurfCamper who has managed to catch their first wave, and improve their technique! In Razo you have seen the results of your efforts in the water so there is no doubt that the goal may be far away, but never inaccessible to you!


What about the mistakes, tools to work with! You have learnt it in the video correction classes and now it is time to apply it to your routines. Making mistakes is not a bad thing and every mistake is useful: you just have to analyse them and find out how to overcome them, and always with good humour! Because laughter will not only increase your creativity, but will also give you the strength to deal with anything that comes your way.


Also, remember that you are not alone: the best thing about the surf lessons is that our instructors guide you and teach you the basics of surfing; at work and in class, remember that you can call on our leaders and teachers who will be happy to help you with any doubts or problems you may have, and they will be happy to see your interest and commitment!


Finally, remember that helping others and team building is essential to feel at ease even if we carry out individual tasks or individual sports, as in the case of surfing. In Razo you already have a big family and, in your day to day, your mates can be your great support to give the best of yourselves.


Ready to put all this into practice? Come on, we’ll see you soon!